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~+~+~Help Yaoi Dreams bring you more~+~+~ (ALL READ)

Discussion in 'Assistant and Staff Application!' started by Yaoi Prince, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Yaoi Prince

    Yaoi Prince ~Eternal Shadows~

    Jan 18, 2008
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    Donate your hearts to the deliciousness

    Salutations my valued guests,

    We know how much you love the forum and all of your wonderful experiences here. It is for that reason that the staff do their best to answer your questions, clean up the place, spank, snuggle and strip for your pleasure as well as getting on top of things as quickly as possible *wink*

    However, we also need your help too! (This time moreso than simply bending over)

    As most of you know, this forum is not free. The server and domain name must be paid for... Without these, Yaoidreams will cease to exist.

    The current finances in the account to keep YD running are BELOW $10 which means we don't have the funds to even pay for the next instalment (of yaoi sex central: Yaoi Dreams)

    Absolutely 100% of the funds are used solely on the forum. Not even a single cent goes towards anything else. This is monitored closely and very strictly so be assured you're only paying for the sweet sweet man sex you know and love... Plus the prospect of getting more in the future.

    To keep things simple and legitimate, we only accept donations through PayPal who wholeheartedly supports man sex by making it easy to send money instantly via bank accounts or credit cards. You don't even need an account with PayPal to donate!

    I don't know about you guys but I can't face life without delicious boy smut delivered to me conveniently by Yaoi Dreams, so I will be donating as well.

    Its your choice how much you donate and how often.


    Besides feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, Yaoi Prince (Yes, you read the username correctly, that's me) will send you a personalised letter either to your e-mail or home address with thanks.

    If you select a home address, I regret to inform everyone of this... I will not be able to send you a cake for me to jump out of and offer you delicious sexy yaoi fun on the spot. I know, its a massive disappointment, but you need to buy me dinner first.

    We will also take note of the members who donate and make public thank you notes on the site.

    What are you waiting for? Bend over and prepare to accept more Yaoi Dreams! DONATE NOW!

    Note: There is a tab at the top tight hand corner of your page saying donate, guess what it does? Love you all!

    Thank you for your attention, have some eye candy and remember, the more you donate, the more bishies will have sex.


    ~Yaoi Prince~
  2. punkanimekid

    punkanimekid Guest

    I get paid next tuesday. How much do you need? *Breaks out a wallet*
  3. Tanuki

    Tanuki Dead muse, slow posts.

    Sep 29, 2009
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    The deep seas of Kepler-22
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    Ok I must be blind.. But where is this mythical donate button? I was about to break open my wallet. xD